Our Top 4 Construction Podcasts (and Why We Love Them)

Construction Related Podcasts

When you think of podcasts, you don’t usually think of construction; but perhaps after reading this, you’ll consider listening to these esoteric conversations. These are our four favorite award-winning construction podcasts and a little bit of background about their hosts.

ConExpo/Con-Agg Radio

ConExpo is the largest North American construction trade show held annually in Las Vegas. The organization also produces a podcast called ConExpo/Con-Agg Radio, hosted by Peggy Smedley. When she isn’t hosting this podcast, Peggy is editing Constructech magazine or hosting The Peggy Smedley Show.

Topics of conversation on Con-Agg Radio are focused on manufacturers developing new technology in the construction industry. Peggy chats with guests about technology, occupational health and safety, regulations, and education.

The podcast recently added a new series called “Contractor Conversations” hosted by Missy Scherber, a contractor based in Minnesota. This series connects with everyday contractors in a variety of onsite construction situations.

The contractors chat about both the challenges they face and the success they have earned. The podcast’s overall focus is construction technology, equipment solutions, and workforce development to help you improve the way your company functions and does business. We appreciate the show giving airtime to the perspectives of both industry leaders and contractors, connecting the different situations they face.

ConTech Crew

ConTech Crew is hosted by James Benham with co-hosts Josh Bone, Jeff Sample, and Rob Mckinney. This tech-loving cast refers to themselves as “construction technologists” who geek out about news and current trends in construction technology. Each week the show hosts a special guest who chats with James and one or more of the ConTech Crew’s co-hosts about trending construction tech topics and applications.

James, the primary host of the podcast, has a background in risk management, strategic consultation, research, and software development.

Josh Bone specializes in topics related to BIM, mobile applications, and digital layout.

Jeff Sample brings his background in infrastructure technology, security implementation, mobile device, and software development to the conversation.

Rob McKinney is experienced in safety programs, mobile apps, and mobile device development. The ConTech Crew keeps us informed about the ever-changing technology trends related to the construction industry.


We turn to the podcast Constructrr when we need some positivity and edification. Hosted by Brittanie Campbell-Turner, a construction manager and business consultant, this show features inspiring guests enjoying success in the construction industry by building with innovation and efficiency, making a positive impact wherever they go.

Brittanie’s guests align with our beliefs that helping humanity by paying good deeds forward, giving back locally, and loving our neighbors will make the world a better place.

The Construction Leading Edge

The Construction Leading Edge focuses on providing information construction entrepreneurs can use to improve their leadership, spark business growth, and increase revenue in their companies.

Todd Dewalt created the show to meet the demand for a resource that would enable construction entrepreneurs to improve their leadership and management skills.

Listening to The Construction Leading Edge, you will hear from guests who are making the right decisions, conducting business properly, and enjoying success because of it. This podcast is rich with advice that helps maximize revenue and minimize chaos during projects.

On-the-Go Construction Learning

Sierra View is committed to constant education and applying new knowledge to the services we provide to present and future clients. Podcasts are just one way we keep up to date on popular construction topics while on the move. These four podcasts offer diverse subject matter and perspectives and provide a lot of good information on a wide variety of topics within the construction industry. We hope you get as much out of them as we do!

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