To earn respect through our actions and accomplishments. Not just for the structures we build, but for the way we do business.


To bring a higher level of integrity, honesty and customer satisfaction that is missing in the construction industry.


Sierra View Builds with a Difference

For several decades, we’ve had the honor of serving the Western United States, and have earned a reputation for quality construction, but that’s not enough. We understand that there are a number of good builders to choose from, which is why we set ourselves apart by delivering better service, to make the process easier for our clients.


Construction is an investment in the future, which is why we emphasize quality design and engineering. Our concern for long-term efficiency assures the integrity of our structures, and our focus on constructability delivers greater return on investment through the structure’s ongoing operating and maintenance costs.


In an industry driven by the bottom line, we are driven by building relationships. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous experts in the industry, and have developed many beneficial contacts. We work extensively to understand the needs and desires of our clients and draw on these partnerships to provide a smooth construction process.

Quality and Value

We ensure our clients never have to choose between quality and value. Our experts analyze and present options throughout the process to help our clients meet their goals for quality, appearance, and budget. Close communication with the client throughout the process, combined with our experience and expertise, turns vision into reality.

Core Values


We embrace challenges, pursue innovation, and push boundaries to achieve unparalleled success. Ambition is the heartbeat of our commitment to delivering results that inspire.


We prioritize transparency, integrity, and reliability, fostering enduring relationships. Our commitment to ethical practices ensures a trustworthy environment where collaboration flourishes.


We honor diversity, value contributions, and create an inclusive workplace. Whether interacting with clients, colleagues, or the community, Sierra View fosters a positive, collaborative atmosphere through mutual respect, driving success through understanding and appreciation.

Sierra View team in a meeting

Core Purpose

To make the construction of quality structures easier, and to build a stronger community… one project at a time.

Our approach blends traditional values of serviceworkmanship, and integrity with innovation and technology to make the process easy and the outcome superior.