Budget & Constructability

We review the construction documents, provide project budgeting or hard bid costs and value engineering services to provide cost savings options.

Breaking Ground

When construction commences, we provide our clients with a kick off meeting for a project overview including reviewing the critical path tasks and addressing long lead time materials.

Project Management & Supervision

We assign a Project Manager and Superintendent to all of our projects. Having a full time supervision assures our clients projects and assets are being managed safely and securely. Our Project Managers ensure all contract documents are being tracked and provide a link between our administrative team and subcontractors for our clients.

Cost & Schedule Tracking

Throughout the project our project managers provide our clients with all cost and schedule changes keeping everyone informed and most importantly the project moving forward.

Close Out

When the project is completed, we will provide clients with an organized file including manuals, warranties and as-built drawings. These documents ensure our clients have the right information about their facilities when it comes time to replace equipment or update their space.

Warranty & Facility Maintenance

We provide our clients with industry standard warranties and maintenance. We also, provide additional services to keep your facility maintained when the warranty period expires. We have a team of carpenters and supervisors to assist you with any all all warranty and maintenance items our clients may need after the building is completed.