Our comprehensive building services make sure every project is successful.

Sierra View gives clients confidence, starting in the preconstruction phase.

Feasibility studies are carried out by experts in the industry that advise and provide solutions resulting in timely and informed economic decisions.

Everyone involved in the project can be informed of the budget from the very start, which helps keep costs on track.

Little design work is usually completed while begining the preconstruction process in the majority of our projects. Our team performs a detailed analysis using extensive database and years of contracting experience producing realistic cost estimates.

We provide our clients with valuable insights regarding the suitability of a site.

Long before building ever begins, our in-house experts examine a site’s attributes and develop estimates for demolition, grading, utilities, paving, hardscape and landscaping requirements giving clients the information needed to make an educated decision about any given site’s constructability.

We take action on getting the necessary permits, so building can move forward swiftly.

Our in-house expediter has worked in the industry for years, gaining knowledge and building solid relationships with local agencies, giving us an advantage of pursuing permits using an easier process. The permitting expert similtaneously works with the project team, reassuring construction continues to move forward on schedule.

Our reputation and time spent in the community has helped us develop strong relationships with several well-respected lending agencies.

Because of these relationships, we know which lenders prefer certain types and sizes of projects, and we can direct our clients to the most appropriate source for financing.

We analyze operational and maintenance costs in order to balance long-term and short-term expenses.

Throughout the design and construction process, we provide constructability reviews and value engineering. This proactive and rigorous review process helps to avoid unforeseen costs later in the project.

Sierra View works exclusively with a core-group of experienced subcontractors, and is able to receive the best services at a fair price.

Our preferred, pre-qualified subcontractors and material suppliers are evaluated for each project team. We’ve built relationships over the years on numerous projects by maintaining a mutually-respectful partnership. We take care to ensure the subcontractors are paid in a timely manner, and remain loyal to us. These relationships are highly valued when it comes to giving our clients competitive, responsive bids.

We develop an overall program schedule for each project, and monitor to make sure the project timeline stays on track.

Encompassing every aspect of a project, the program schedule lays out the responsibilty for each task. It’s developed through a series of pre-job planning sessions, and is continually checked throughout the construction process. Design, permitting, contracting, submittals, and even procurement of materials are detailed out, and a full timeline is arranged in the proper sequence.

Quality Construction Speals For Itself

Quality Construction Speals For Itself

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