Our commercial building contractor services encompass:

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We perform detailed site assessments, feasibility studies, and virtual modeling to outline an accurate project timeline and establish budget estimations for design, permitting and construction.

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Design and

Our experienced team partners with industry leading architects and engineers, developing customized, tailored plans that align with your project specifications and satisfy local building regulations and codes.

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and Construction

Our project executive and site superintendents follow rigorous control procedures and ensure the highest quality installation, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship in every aspect of your project.

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We provide ongoing facility maintenance and management services, assisting you with tending to your commercial space and ensuring it retains its value.


10 Step

General Construction Process

1 Project Location Identification & Duedilligence

2 Pre-construction Planning & Entitlements

3 Preliminary Cost Studies & Cashflow Projections


4 Design Build Design/ Assist Team Assembly

5 Design Build Design/ Assist Team Assembly

6 Construction Budget Update & Cost Saving Opportunities


7 Construction Documents & Building Dept Submittal

8 Final Competitive Construction Bid

9 Construction


10 Close Out & Maintenance



Plan for a successful project

Completing your vision begins with a pre-construction plan. We identify your needs and expectations, develop a detailed project design, provide a clearly itemized budget with no hidden costs and a realistic timeline for completion that accounts for any possible contingency. The result is a finalized master plan for the entire project site, all permitted documents, and a team of committed subcontractors set in place, ready to build.


Professional construction management

Experience and know-how make the difference on the job site. Our seasoned staff coordinates with all stakeholders throughout the construction period, following our pre-construction plans. Organized and professional, we clearly communicate every step of the way. We supervise subcontractors, schedule materials and supplies, conduct project accounting, assess project milestones, and provide ultimate oversight as our primary responsibilities.

Real-Life Examples and Case Studies

Sierra View’s impressive portfolio includes numerous successful commercial construction and remodeling projects in various industries, attesting to the wide range of our skillset. Some noteworthy accomplishments include: Diverse portfolio includes numerous successful commercial projects in various industries.

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Office Buildings

Construction of a state-of-the-art, sustainable, 50,000 square foot office structure, featuring flexible office spaces, conference rooms, and employee amenities for a growing tech company.

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Renovation and expansion of a historical building located in the heart of the city, transforming it into a vibrant mixed-use space for offices, retail stores, and residential units.

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Center Expansions

Extensive remodeling of a medical facility to accommodate its accessible services and modern treatment floors, improving patient flow and enhancing visitor experience.

Sierra View will work with you to
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