OpenSpace AI Joins the Sierra View Arsenal

Openspace Ai Joins The Sierra View Arsenal

An Introduction to the OpenSpace Camera

The Open Space Camera is a cutting-edge tool that leverages the power and utility of AI to aid general contractors, business owners, and tradespeople alike in being able to monitor progress at worksites, share project images with clients and coworkers, and so much more. Once workers enter the job site they simply turn the easily-attachable helmet cameras on and go about their normal routine, all while instantaneously capturing 360 photo documentation of the team’s efforts day in and day out.

These cameras were developed by fellow industry professionals for the sake of progress in the field. As our nation’s infrastructure crumbles, housing demands increase, and project complexity continues, workers in the field need to be equipped with the same powerful technology that is being used to advance the efficiency and functionality of office workers. Only then will we be able to face the coming construction challenges head-on.

The Benefits of Utilizing Open Space

The OpenSpace team describes their product as being akin to a virtual time machine, allowing workers on the job to capture their work, analyze it, and plan more effectively with insight as to what the day-by-day status of the worksite looks like. Once the project blueprint is uploaded onto the OpenSpace system, the service automatically begins mapping out the worksite via the 360 view photos that the worker’s cameras have captured. This affords both the team, as well as the client, a comprehensive understanding of where the project is at, how it’s coming along, and what the next steps will be.

Of strong interest to OpenSpace users are the inherent money-saving benefits of using the service. Traveling to the site will no longer be so frequent of an occurrence since Project Managers and team members can monitor progress at the home base. This results in an estimated saving of 50% on overall travel costs. The 360 photo documentation also helps users in mitigating a fair deal of risk and liability on the job site and helps significantly in delivering projects to clients ahead of schedule thanks to OpenSpace’s accelerated project scheduling capability.

The Road Going Forward

With interpersonal contact and travel being limited due to the health and safety concerns surrounding the spread of the coronavirus, the Sierra View team is eager to begin incorporating the OpenSpace cameras into their daily project operations. Doing so will not only foster a stronger sense of collaboration and camaraderie among employees here in the office and on the job site, but will also work tremendously in helping to keep clients in the loop. What’s more, Sierra View’s usage of the cameras will play a key role in attracting new business going forward. After all, nothing is more enticing to a prospective client than knowing they’ll be kept in close communication with the team responsible for constructing their dream building.
For a closer look at how the OpenSpace camera works and how teams are benefiting from its incredible technology, take a moment to watch a brief video here. Just as well, Keep up to date with Sierra Views latest projects by signing up to receive our monthly newsletter, or by visiting our website.

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