Cool Roof Technology

Cool Roof Technology

Rising temperatures! Melting arctic ice! Sweltering heatwaves! It’s just called “summer” here in California, and it’s right around the corner.

Spurred on by rising energy costs, consumers and investors alike are seeking options beyond traditional building methods, and the building industry has responded to this demand. One of the most popular technologies the industry has developed is Cool Roof technology.

Cool Roofs are designed to reflect more energy and heat than traditional roofs. Whether these new roofs use new materials, new construction techniques, or both, the ultimate goal is to maintain or improve a building’s comfort at a substantially lower energy cost.

A traditional roof can reach temperatures of 150 degrees Farenheight. Some cool roofs can reduce this by as much as 50 degrees, with a corresponding reduction in cooling costs. Not surprisingly, this can also increase heating costs in the winter, so scientists and builders are working to develop better materials that will adjust to seasonal changes and needs.

Cool roofing isn’t exactly a new idea. White roofs have long been used in southern areas where summer heat is more of a problem than winter cold. Sod roofs, like those used for centuries, are an old idea that’s occasionally made new again.

What is new are new materials, including phase-change materials (PCMs) that absorb, then later release, thermal energy, and smart coatings that adapt to solar conditions. Some of these new materials have been incorporated into traditional roofing products, making cool roof asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and other old-fashioned roofs more efficient and durable.

At Sierra View, we’re committed to providing you with the latest in building technology. We understand California summers (and the power bills that come with them) and we’re ready to answer your questions about the best roofing options for your next project.

A roof is a significant investment in your commercial structure’s overall value, and we want to make it as efficient as possible. We can discuss the best options for your project and help you make the right choice that balances beauty, value, function, and long-term energy savings. To get started on your next commercial construction venture, connect with us.

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