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Soderstrom Architects Ltd, Portland Oregon

Sierra View is constructing two new buildings at the top of Sierra College Blvd with 360 degree views of the Sierra Foothills and Sacramento Delta. With a total of more than 100,000 sqft combined in two building spaces sitting on 15 acres, this project is the cornerstone of Amazing Facts Ministries and the result of more than 5 years in planning. Primarily constructed of concrete, the Sanctuary will seat 1,500 parishioners in a theatre style seating arrangement and facilitate all audio visual needs with built in production studios for their televised broadcasts, allowing Amazing Facts Ministries to manage all media controls from one location. An adjacent three story office building constructed of concrete will serve as the hub for administrative, education and senior ministry staff. Over 50 subcontractors will participate in the construction of the properties over the next 18 months.

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