The Evolution of Construction Through Modern Technology

Construction News

The future of construction is constantly evolving with the advancement of current technology. With today’s expert systems, you can simply answer a few questions, choose your favorite images from a bank of architectural styles, and then an artificial intelligence system can produce an optimized design for your project specifications and show it to you using computer vision.

The way we visualize construction projects is also being revolutionized by augmented reality, virtual reality, and real-time rendering. Instead of taking weeks or months to create concept designs, designers can now upload their SketchUp models and a computer processes a real-time rendering, which when powered by AR and VR, can be tangibly experienced by many people before construction ever begins. Even the methods of physical construction are evolving as robots and drones now play a role in the construction process by laying bricks and 3D printing concrete structures.

Watch construction tech expert, Rohit Arora’s, full talk on these technologies at the Accelerate Live! Conference here.

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