Growing Pains: Choosing Between Expansion or a New Building

Growing Pains: Choosing Between Expansion or a New Building

There comes a point in every (successful) business’ operation when things get crowded. Growth indicates it is time to analyze your business’ current needs, and make predictions about what you will need in the future. By identifying the ways your existing workplace fails to meet your needs, you gain valuable insight into what your new space should include. A conversation with a team design-build professionals will reveal even more.

There are a 3 major options facility owners should consider as they outgrow their existing space.


If you’re lucky enough to find an adequate existing structure for sale and a buyer for your existing facility, great! However, the building was not specifically designed for your operation, and will almost certainly fail to meet all of your needs without additional modification. Moving is always a serious undertaking, and your employees will feel a sense of displacement. Some may even leave the company due to commute changes.

Expansion & Improvements

Expansion is a great option if your existing facility has been meeting your needs consistently, and is just too small to operate comfortably in with your numerous staff members. Building additions is an affordable way to gain more space without the trouble and expense of moving. In most cases, business can carry on as usual, with the exception of a little inevitable construction inconvenience. Sierra View crews have extensive experience with additions and tenant improvements, so we know how to stay out of the way where it really matters. Additionally, expansion takes minimal time. You could have a whole new floor in a matter of months.

Along with expansion often comes improvement to the existing spaces in the building, such as updates to flooring, plumbing, electrical, storage, and more. The only downside to expansion and improvement is the fact that the building’s existing layout can’t be changed. If the building layout has been an ongoing frustration, you might want to invest in:

New Construction

Building a new facility comes at a higher price than expanding, but it might be what your business needs. With new construction, you do endure the challenges associated with a major move, but you get to move into a brand new facility with plenty of growing room that has been designed specifically to meet your business’ needs. It is the ideal option for companies that have very specific facility requirements, like medical and agricultural facilities, and event centers.

There is a lot to be said about getting exactly what you want, not just what you need.

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