ALICE AI Assistant Cuts Construction Schedule by 15%

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ALICE, the artificial intelligence assistant from Stanford University’s tech startup, Alice Technologies, is a dynamic project managing/scheduling system for construction projects. First, an experienced human construction scheduler works with the project owner, supervisors, contractors, architects, and engineers to create a “rule set” for ALICE defining the scope and limitations (goals, time, resources, etc.) of the project.

Then ALICE uses these rules to generate millions of scheduling scenarios, creates 4D models and Gantt charts for the top 10-15 options, and compares them on a time-cost curve. If the rule set needs to be changed at any time during the project, ALICE can incorporate changes in construction materials, structural components, and/or project timelines into a revised project schedule in under ten minutes. In a test run for Mortenson Construction, ALICE was able to offer 22 scheduling strategies for the proposed project and was able to trim 84 days off the previous schedule.

Learn more about ALICE here.

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