5 Technologies Revolutionizing Construction Safety

5 Technologies Revolutionizing Construction Safety
Construction workers and contractors work in more dangerous working conditions than almost any other industry. But construction sites are getting safer every day with the emergence of new technologies. Exoskeletons are metal frameworks that fit around construction workers’ bodies to support their posture and lessen the strain on their bodies (unpowered exoskeletons) or to augment the worker’s strength, helping them lift heavy objects and work longer without getting tired or injured (power assist exoskeletons). Other wearable technologies can be incorporated into all types of gear like smart safety vests and hard hats to track the worker’s location with real-time tracking, give them GPS directions, and record their vitals so that project overseers can keep track of the health of each worker. Drones are starting to play a huge role on construction sites as monitors to inspect the site, search for hazards, and monitor construction jobs from anywhere. Drones can eliminate the need for humans to perform high risk pre-project inspections on elevated or hazardous surfaces, keeping workers safely on the ground away from danger. Construction site sensors read toxins in the air at so that construction teams can make proper precautions and get the right safety gear so all personnel on the site are adequately protected. These sensors also send temperature and air moisture levels to the site superintendents and foreman, which instantly alert them of incidents like fires or plumbing leaks anywhere on the site. And lastly, virtual reality is coming to the construction industry as a training tool to allow workers to interact with the site environment and practice safety procedures without the cost or dangers of bringing them to the physical construction site.

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