Contractors and the DIY Movement

Contractors and the DIY Movement

You may think HGTV gave birth to the DIY movement, but the phrase “do it yourself” was in fact first coined in 1912 in “Suburban Life” magazine. Many people enjoy learning new skills and the sense of pride that comes with doing things yourself.

Businesses haven’t let the popularity of DIY scare them; they have cleverly capitalized on the trend by providing access to parts and tools to help DIY enthusiasts complete their projects. We all know that the key to getting a job done right is having the right tools and knowledge.

Some contractors have taken guidance from home improvement stores to generate income by lending specialized tools and educating people to use them correctly and safely in their DIY projects. Tech-forward firms are creating value by incorporating educational videos into their marketing strategies. Most DIYers might not be willing to take on the complex projects represented in these videos, but they see the source as skilled, knowledgeable, approachable, and trustworthy. If they don’t want to tackle that project themself, they’re more likely to hire the contractor that showed how well they could do it.

DIYers enjoy working with their hands and learning new skills, but that doesn’t always mean they are capable of completing projects up to code. This knowledge gap has created new opportunities for contractors to do remodel cleanups, where they fix any issues created by the amateur builder and complete the project properly for the homeowner. Contractors that focus on providing solutions rather than discouraging people from starting DIY projects become a valuable resource to homeowners.

Sierra View admires the DIY spirit and recognizes the personal growth that results from learning new skills and taking on challenging projects. We understand the sense of pride you feel when you make something. We feel that same sense of pride catering to the needs of our clients, creating innovative solutions, and staying forward-focused in project planning.

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