Technology’s Effect on Safety Protocol After a Pandemic (Part One)

Technology’s Effect on Safety Protocol after a Pandemic

At Sierra View, we are committed to bringing the highest level of integrity, honesty, and customer satisfaction to the commercial construction industry. In honoring that commitment, we recognize the impact that technology has on the way we run our business.

In this two-part blog series, we are going to investigate how technology can relieve some of the anxiety that accompanies feeling safe at job sites and how we can continue to honor those safety guidelines in changing work environments. Learn about how today’s available technology can aid our adaptation to the new normal.


For busy job sites or in full offices, distancing among personnel is a primary concern. You have the power to alleviate a large part of the apprehension. Recently, drones have been incorporated in security, entertainment, agriculture, and beyond. In construction, drones can function as an alternative to human presence at on-site inspections, therefore reducing contact between workers. They can also be used to monitor the proper social distancing of workers.

Supplementary Staff

Robots can be designated to specific jobs, effectively reducing the number of workers in an area while increasing productivity.

To further this concept, autonomous heavy equipment is the next natural step after self-driving cars. Similar to the aforementioned drones and robots, these types of machines are intended to complete jobs without human intervention.

Resource Planning Systems

Equally important to machine technology are enterprise resource planning systems. This is a singular platform that consolidates different management functions. Its performance can include but is not limited to accounting, job estimating, human resources, and inventory management — processes essential to running a (successful) business.

Likewise, automated workflow tools serve as additional ways to streamline operations. As software continues to advance, the improvements will enable the automation of routine processes and better communication across programs.

As you can see, each of these tech advancements is designed to improve efficiency within operations. The common goal is to increase productivity while working to decrease dangers to staff.

In addition to the ways in which you can control the work environment, we can also examine the hands-on resources that simplify employee health monitoring. Several technological tools offer benefits that track health to mitigate the spread of possible illnesses among employees.

Digital Documents

Primarily, document imaging should be executed as soon as possible. The sharing of digital documents automatically reduces the flow of physical paper and the possible transmission of a virus; digital documents or images cause no harm.


Simultaneously, wearable monitors serve as a physical reminder of workers to reinforce the guidelines of personal health maintenance. They are designed to alert when signs of infection are detected. For example, some biosensors can be worn (similar to a watch) to track multiple data like heart rate and temperature.

Particularly in following the footsteps of medical facilities, hygiene technology provides many options. Such choices range from UV-equipped robots to gadgets that monitor handwashing performance.

Video Conferencing

Most notably, the use of video conferencing software cannot be overlooked. In recent months, the use of such platforms has spiked among many industries, dramatically decreasing the amount of contact between people while maintaining accountability.

3D Printers

With all of these elements in mind, let’s acknowledge an additional topic that deserves an honorable mention. Material shortages, delays in the production of materials, and new types of materials inevitably disrupt productivity. In response to this, 3D printers have become extremely versatile tools for construction. The ability of the printers (and designers) to create fast and accurate construction components also reduces the waste of materials.

Without a doubt, the future of the construction industry has been affected by COVID-19. However, our mission to thrive will always be in place. By sharing the advancements in technology that benefit construction, we hope to assuage your concerns and secure your support for any new practices Sierra View will be navigating.

We consider our transparency as part of your satisfaction. We are proud of our business and eager to establish procedures that benefit our staff, influence our peers, and give confidence to our clients. Our next blog will discuss best practices that support ongoing safety maintenance.

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