5 Reasons to use the Design-Build method

Design-Build Method

Design-Build, also known as the “master builder” method, has been the dominant construction method for over 4000 years and is still currently used in 40% of all commercial construction projects.

This efficient method relies on a collaborative team effort between design and construction and effectively places liability and project responsibility on the designer-builder.

The benefits of the Design-Build construction method are especially attractive to large, multi-faceted, time-sensitive collaborations. Here we break down five major benefits of the Design-Build delivery method.

1. Full Accountability

The Design-Build method clearly defines one entity, the designer-builder, as the party accountable for every aspect of the build. This is important when legal problems arise, and more importantly, it ensures 100% satisfaction for the project financier or property owner.

Full accountability improves scheduling accuracy and helps keep costs down, as the contractor is motivated to avoid potentially costly mistakes. Design-Build teams cooperate to assess the overall cost projections from start to finish and are consistently more attentive to project details than companies employing other project management methods.

2. Combining Expertise = Project Cohesion

Design-Build teams are firms comprised of architects and builders who are experts in their fields. The most effective Design-Build firms are built around architects that can think like builders and builders who can think like architects.

This enables fluidity in team communication as both are familiar with the other’s terminology and processes. Successful Design-Build firms form long-term partnerships with skilled and reputable subcontractors to ensure a superior outcome for their clients.

3. The Owner is a Team Member

Owners typically want to be involved in the design and building processes of their projects. Each owner is different, but there is more often than not a high level of interest and involvement on their part as they are making the investment.

Design-Build gives an owner control over ensuring their goals are met and ensures that their opinions are valued by the team they have contracted. Being a part of the team also enhances the owner’s connection and sense of pride in the completed structure.

4. Ongoing Communication

Communication is the backbone of the Design-Build method. Open communication helps the team refine the project throughout the entire process, working out any kinks before they become full-blown problems.

Design-Builders act as trusted advisors to the owner by navigating the design and build process while communicating with the owner. This close working relationship supports timely project completion and transparent, accurate budget agreements.

5. Time and Cost Savings

The Design-Build method helps enable synchronicity for multiple intersecting and overlapping timelines to be executed in an effective manner as teams work in tandem on a common goal. As a project moves forward, teams adapt to changes as they arise while maintaining communication. This allows the owner to focus on big-picture decisions while the project is in progress and creates a lockstep workflow between the owner, Design-Build contractor, and subcontractors. Teams respond to changes quickly and projects move to completion with few interruptions, saving time and money.

We believe it takes a quality team to build quality construction. For over forty years, Sierra View has embraced the Design-Build delivery method. We understand the responsibility of being the central point of communication and being able to apply our expertise to a client’s vision. We value open communication that creates a satisfying finished project delivered on time and under budget. If you are looking for a design or a start-to-finish construction solution, Sierra View can get you to your goal.

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