You’re a High Flying Flag, Scouts Honor

You're a High Flying Flag, Scouts Honor
You're a High Flying Flag, Scouts Honor

So much of the news is bad, it’s refreshing when something nice takes place. Recently, we here at Sierra View were reminded that good things happen every day–even if they never make the news.

A few days ago, Scout Cole Herman, age 8, of Cub Scout Pack 31-Den 3, noticed that the flag flying outside Sierra View’s office was ripped and worn. Scout Herman took it upon himself to provide a replacement flag, in keeping with the best traditions of Scouting. He purchased a new flag and donated it to Sierra View. He’s shown here helping to raise the new flag with the assistance of Andy from Sierra View.

The Scouts are one of the few places that young people are still taught the Flag Code, which prohibits displaying a worn or damaged flag. Obviously, Scout Herman took these lessons to heart, and in doing so reminded us of the proper respect due to our American Flag. He, his Pack and Den, and his Scoutmasters are to be commended for carrying on in the best tradition of the Scouts.

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