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End of 2017: Moving into a New Year

Posted on January 3, 2018


2017 was an interesting year for the construction industry as a whole, and especially here at Sierra View.

As the country continued to shake off the effects of the Great Recession, construction saw moderate yet steady gains from the previous years.  Most forecasts for the coming year show a continuation of this trend, with California and Texas leading this growth.

Tight integration of design and construction services will become more prevalent across the industry.  Sierra View is proud to already be using this ‘design-build’ integration and our team-based pre-construction process to deliver high value to our customers on a regular basis.

The uprise of paperless technologies and 3D printing

Paperless technologies and 3D printing are expected to be more common in the design and construction industry.  The ability to rapidly change and update designs, push the changes to all concerned parties, and rapidly produce 3D models of the new designs promises to become the new standard of the industry over the next few years.  This should not only speed up the conception to completion time of projects, but will better allow the owners and team to better visualize proposed changes during the design phase.

Assisting in the damages from California's fires

West Coast construction will continue to be heavily involved in remediating the damage from 2017’s fires, and we’re particularly happy that Sierra View was able to help support the firefighters and the communities that were hard hit by this tragedy.  We’re also grateful that we’re already hard at work, assisting the recovery of the area.  It will be a long-term and difficult process, but we’re committed to using our expertise to help California fully recover.

As we look forward to 2018, Sierra View is ready to continue doing what we do best–delivering high-value construction services to make your dreams a reality, on-time and on-budget.

Happy New Year!